When dealing with carpal tunnel, pain and discomfort are all too familiar. Unable to escape the everyday stiffness of the wrists, you want to find fast and permanent relief.


How can you stop the pain and start living life comfortably with carpal tunnel syndrome?


What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

First, the carpal tunnel is a small passageway in the palm of your hand and surrounded by bones and ligaments. When the nerve undergoes pressure, it causes a tingling, numb sensation called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Note that those with health problems, certain types of anatomies of the wrist, and repetitive hand movements are more at risk for experiencing these pains.


What are the symptoms?


  • Burning, tingling, or itchy numbness
  • Weakness in hand
  • Trouble holding objects
  • Shock-like feelings in hand and fingers
  • Tingling moving up into the arm


The tingling and other feelings can run all the way up the arm and to the shoulder. So how can you prevent it?

The 5 Exercises

With easy movements, you can relieve the discomfort and rehabilitate your wrist and hand functions. Here are five exercises to prevent the pain:


  1. Spider on a Mirror Pushups


To stretch your hands, place your hands together and spread the fingers. Pushing away the palms, move back and forth with your fingertips pointing down. This exercise stretches the carpal tunnel and its structures and is so easy to do while watching TV.


  1. Slow Stop Sign


Making a fist with your hand, slowly begin to roll your fingers up towards the sky until your hand makes a stop sign. Repeating 5-10 times, this will slowly stretch your fingers and palm with a satisfying feeling.


  1. Shake it Out


This exercise is simple yet effective. It’s perfect for when you just wake up or about to go to bed when your symptoms may be worse. Just pretend you're shaking off your hands after washing them, and you’ll shake the pain right off.


  1. One Hand Thriller


Pretend you’re doing the thriller dance but with one hand. Keeping your elbow straight and arm raised in front of you, use the other hand to apply slight pressure for up to 20 seconds to the downwards facing hand. Don’t forget to switch arms and repeat!


  1. Thumb Touches


Touch your thumbs to each fingertip to make an O shape. Repeat as many times as comfortable—it’s an easy exercise to do under the dinner table or under your desk.


Starting slow and what you’re comfortable with is a great way to ease into these exercises. Going too fast may cause worse discomfort, so take a break if it starts to hurt.


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