With seasons changing and temperatures getting cooler, many arthritis sufferers are feeling their symptoms flare up. Whether it be joint pain, swelling or decreased range of motion, having these ailments can make it unbearable to go through the day. Before you curl back into bed, take a look at these five simple ways to keep your arthritis at bay with the use of Medical Supply Depot’s top-notch products.

1.  Eat A Healthy and Balanced Diet

Mom nagged you about eating your fruits and vegetables as a child, but she was right! A diet rich in these power foods can help ease inflammation and pain. Additionally, adding omega-3 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory effects to your lunch or dinner help with pain. If you aren’t the ideal pescatarian, implementing some spices and seasonings like garlic, ginger and turmeric to your diet can provide relief.  

2.          Keep A Normal Sleep Schedule

It’s easier said than done with our hectic schedules and daily stresses but getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night can help fight fatigue and joint pain. Allow yourself an hour or so before bedtime to disconnect from electronics. An adequate amount of sleep can help you feel rejuvenated and energized.

3.      Apply Cold and Hot Therapy

Heat and cold therapy help stimulate the body’s instinctive healing process. Applying cold therapy constricts blood vessels numbing pain while hot therapy dilates blood vessels, resulting in increased circulation and less muscle spasms.  Thermophore Arthritis MaxHEAT Pad works for hot or cold therapy. With a comfortable gel filling and customizable temperature settings, your muscles will feel instant relief.

  1. Wear Compression Gloves or Socks

Increasing circulation in joints is important for arthritic relief. If your daily routine requires a lot of repetitive motions, you may be feeling a great amount of flare ups. With compression gloves and socks like IMAK Arthritis Cotton Gloves and IMAX Arthritis Unisex Cotton Socks, arthritis sufferers can feel relief with compression and pressure as they provide relief to stiff joints increasing range of motion.

  1.    Keep Constant Communication with Your Healthcare Provider

This seems simple but failure to communicate with your doctor will allow for more flare-up days and less relief. Make sure you talk with your healthcare provider about your and discuss a treatment plan that works for you. Getting an accurate diagnosis is crucial to providing the right relief to prevent the disease from worsening.




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