Creating and sticking with a skin care routine can seem tedious and expensive; there are so many products available, that you might not know where to begin. This guide can help make even the most uncertain beginner more confident about adopting an excellent skin care regimen! Once you begin your personal routine, you will find that it is easy to have healthier and younger looking skin.

The 3 step process

For facial care, you must cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Start by applying the thinnest product and finish with the thickest. Perform the process once or twice a day and see results in about six weeks.


  1. Cleansers: For dry skin, use a cream or a lotion. For oily, use a foam. Surprisingly, you can also use oil—they will absorb other built-up oils.
  2. Toners: These give you a boost of nutrients and antioxidants. Products with Vitamin E and C keep skin young. Alpha hydroxy acids remove layers of dead skin. Be careful not to use products with acids in them more than one a day.
  3. Moisturizers: Through the prevention of water loss, moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and soft. Gel products are good for oily skin and creams for dry.

Food and drink

The skin is the biggest organ of your body—so drink enough water to keep it hydrated! Green tea has anti-inflammatory powers, and tomatoes, cocoa flavanols, and foods with omega-3s are nourishing for your skin.


However, alcohol increases basal and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. Additionally, dairy—especially skim milk—can sometimes cause acne.

Sleep and stress

When you go to bed, your body naturally starts to repair skin. So get rest! And without sleep, you may experience stress. The stress hormone called cortisol causes oily, scaly, or itchy skin.

Hair products

Shampoo or conditioner with oils and waxes easily runs down skin and clogs pores. Medical Supply Depot has body wash and shampoo that is safe for the skin.


Sunscreen is one of the best things to use on a daily basis. Block those UV rays by applying at least 30 SPF 30 minutes before you go outside!

Body creams

A “non-comedogenic” product like Eucerin has ingredients that do not block pores, and Elta Swiss Skin Cream is a great example of a cream, specifically made for those who have diabetes and suffer from dry skin.


Barrier creams such as Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream can be used for cracked skin, diaper rashes, scrapes, and burns. In order to cleanse skin from feces and urine, a Moisturizing Cleanser is recommended.


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