Some disabilities can affect your ability to sleep at night. Lack of proper sleep, on the other hand, might cause sleep disorders like Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, insomnia, and excessive daytime drowsiness. A good bed should allow you to sleep soundly and stay in bed without falling off the mattress.

Whether you have a disability or you are a caregiver for a disabled relative or friend, it can be a daunting task to find a good bed. This guide will help make your bedding and sleeping arrangements better.

Bedding Products for People with Disabilities

Adjustable bed

Sometimes, you may need to elevate a part of your body for comfort and to also increase circulation. An adjustable bed allows you to adjust your sleeping position using a remote control easily. The main advantage of an adjustable bed is that it can relieve the possibility of bedsores.

Low profile beds

Low profile beds are usually less than 25cm above the ground. Therefore, people with limited mobility can move easily and safely. The main advantage of a low profile bed is that it tends to cause less injury in case you fall out of bed since it is a few inches lower.

Bed rails

Bed rails are essential since they protect you from injury. They are especially important if you have fragile bones that can easily break. Tossing and turning is very common with disabled people, and a bed rail will provide full protection and assistance while sleeping.

Grab handles

Most of the time, you will need assistance to get out of bed or even changing bed position. Grab handles can be attached to your bed or the wall. You can also get a free-standing handle that can be placed by the side of your bed.

Rope ladders

A rope ladder helps you pull yourself up. It is usually attached to one end of the bed, and it allows you to gradually pull yourself up without causing any injury.

Bed steps

Elderly and people with disabilities sometimes lack the flexibility to raise their knees high enough to climb onto their beds. Bed steps offer an alternative to low profile beds. Combining bed steps and grab handles can reduce the risks of injury for people with limited mobility.

Get Quality Bedding Products

The best solution for people with limited mobility is to combine various bed products to enjoy safe and healthy sleep. To get the right bedding products, visit Medical Supply Depot today or call (800) 965-7496 to place your order.





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