Bathing is a basic human task that may be difficult if you have certain physical limitations. Fortunately, if you experience discomfort with prolonged standing or rising from the floor of a bathtub, you can invest in a transfer bench that will allow you to enjoy a relaxing bath. Purchasing the right bariatric bath and transfer bench will improve your comfort, safety, and hygiene.

What is a Transfer Bench?

A transfer bench is a bath safety mobility device that allows people with disabilities (due to age or illness) to use the bathtub with ease. Most transfer benches are designed to span the walls of the bathtub, while keeping two feet inside the tub and the other two outside the tub. This allows the person to slide gently across the transfer bench with back, lifting the legs over the wall of the tub, and then placing the legs inside the tub without standing.

Who Can Use a Transfer Bench?

Transfer benches are used in many different settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and care facilities. They can be used not only to transfer patients in and out of a bathtub, but into a car or bed as well. They are mainly recommended for the following groups of persons


  • Seniors: Some senior may experience age-related problems such as dementia and poor vision, making them susceptible to serious falls. A transfer bench, particularly one with a back, can help minimize the risk of falls.
  • Physically challenged persons: People with physical disabilities that prevent them from standing can enjoy the refreshing bubbles of bathtub with a patient transfer disc.
  • Other patients: Patients receiving care after major surgeries can use transfer benches to move around the care facility with the help of caregivers. With the flexibility of most transfer benches, it is easy for patients to perform basic mobility tasks.

Where Can I Get Transfer Benches?

If you’re considering purchasing a transfer bench, consider Medical Supply Depot, as we are a leading online retailer of transfer benches. We stock many different types of transfer benches, including folding sliding benches, tub transfer boards, and universal transfer benches.


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