When you or a loved one gets burned, the first step is to remain calm. The pain may take you by surprise, but it is important to allow yourself to think clearly and take the necessary steps to promote quick healing and to prevent infection.


First, though, it might help to understand different types of burns and what treatments they require. With this quick guide, you will become prepared to deal with any burn situation that may arise.

Understanding Your Burn

There are three types of burns: first degree, second degree and third degree.


A first-degree burn is caused by sunlight and may cause the following symptoms: pain and erythema, or reddening of the skin. Second-degree burns are caused by contact to hot liquid; the skin may be red or mottled and you may experience flash burns. Finally, third-degree burns are caused by fire, lightning or electricity, or prolonged exposure to liquid or objects and may result in dry, dark, leathery skin.


If a burn covers more than 15% of the body or happens to an elderly or young child, hospitalization may be needed; however, oftentimes a burn can be treated from home.

Taking Care of Your Burn

Acting in a fast and efficient manner is a crucial step to a smooth healing process. After removing the cause of the burn and assessing the damage, you will want to remove restrictive material around the burn, as the area is likely to swell.


Then, you want to cool the burn, protect the burn and get on top of managing pain. Remember: do not apply butter, oil, lotions or creams to your burn. You will need proper medical equipment to manage your burn in an appropriate and effective manner.

Your Next Steps

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