Canes, also commonly referred to as walking canes are the lightest and least cumbersome of all assistive devices available in the market today. According to the American Family Physician, approximately 10 percent of adults above 65 years use a walking cane. However, MSD canes can also help those feeling weak or experiencing pain. Using a walking cane can improve your balance by increasing your base support. The right cane can also prevent falls.

Types of Walking Canes

There are different types of walking canes that provide a different amount of assistance, and choosing the right one may mean the difference between walking safely or unsafely. The cane you choose should fit your needs. Otherwise, the wrong cane can give you a poor walking posture. Additionally, you may get injured after a fall. The different types of canes include:

Single point canes

These are the most common types of walking canes, and they have a single point of support at the end. Single point canes can help correct early balance problems.

Quad canes

This is a type of walking cane that has a rectangular shaped base with four small supports that touch the ground to provide you with more balance and stability. When purchasing your quad cane, you can choose one with a wide or small base. The large base quad cane is ideal if you need extra stability.

Seat canes

These are strong medical-grade canes that are attached with small seats that can be unfolded whenever you need to rest and sit down.

Folding canes

These MSD canes are designed to fold so that they can be easily stored in a handbag. Most of these canes are height adjustable, and they are ideal for those who want to be able to store them when not in use conveniently.

Standard aluminum cane

This is one of the most common canes. It is straight with a slightly curved handle. The curve makes this cane more comfortable as it allows you to grip it with a relaxed grasp. Because aluminum is quite light, you can carry this cane around. Additionally, it can support weights of up to 250 pounds.

Get the Right Cane

Looking for the right walking cane? Depending on your needs, one of the above canes should help you move around better. The right cane from Medical Supply Depot will help you safely get around without the risk of injury. To learn more about the right cane for your specific needs, call a knowledgeable professional on (800) 966-7496 today.  

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