Incontinence is already a struggle, but finding the right pad or accessory for your situation is a whole other battle. Pads that don’t provide enough protection can leak, and ones that are too bulky leave users with discomfort. Fortunately, there are many different kinds of pads and incontinence accessories available to you:

Light Pads and Liners

Underwear liners are ideal for lighter days. Just like an everyday pantiliner, underwear liners for incontinence are slightly more absorbent and fit discreetly inside the underwear. Liners fall on a scale, with underwear liners as the lightest possible coverage. As the need increases, pads will get thicker but maintain the same level of coverage. Mid-level coverage can be best found with overnight pads.

Heavier Pads

For mid-level to high-level coverage, Adult underwear and Adult briefs can provide full protection. While these two coverage supplies may seem similar, the key difference lies in their accessibility. Disposable underwear is slid on and off just like everyday underwear. Adult briefs, on the other hand, can be put on and removed without having to bend down or step through it. For those who need high coverage and might need help changing, diapers are ideal.

Bedpans, Urinals, and Alarms

For those who need coverage at night or in bed, bedpans and urinals can help users avoid making a mess while asleep. Bedpans are placed underneath the user to collect waste, while urinals can be kept at the bedside. Bedside commodes can work as well, as long as the user wakes up and get out of bed before going. Catheters are also a viable option for users struggling with incontinence at night.

If someone struggles with incontinence, but not often enough to warrant incontinence supplies nightly, bedwetting alarms are another yet another option. These alarms are designed to wake the user when their bed gets wet, which can provide extra bathroom time and keep track of incontinence patterns.

Other Incontinence Supplies

There are many other supplies that when combined with pads and diapers, provide ultimate coverage for any user. For example, underpads and throw blankets are incredibly absorbent and can prevent leaks from damaging furniture. For when accidents on furniture do happen, odor eliminators are another excellent option for removing any excess smells after cleaning.
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