Among the many manufacturers Medical Supply Depot provides, Drive Medical is one of the largest medical equipment suppliers in the country. They offer a wide variety of hospital and home care items through both their site and ours.


Drive Medical was initially founded in the year 2000 as Medical Depot. This company specializes in providing affordable medical supplies to people who had difficulty finding hospital-quality care products at affordable prices. As the company grew, the name changed to Drive Medical, and with the addition of DeVilbiss healthcare in 2015, the company became known as Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare. Drive Medical is the standard product brand at the Medical Supply Depot.

Mission Statement

Drive Medical’s mission statement is simple: to enhance the quality of life for customers and their families. With such a broad statement, Drive Medical can cover a number of industries, including home care, long-term care, and hospital care. The company also works with government programs to provide affordable, high-quality medical equipment to people in need.


To help carry out its mission statement, Drive Medical offers many services for its consumers and family members. Their tech-oriented page at offers product owners reference images, how-to assembly guides, parts catalogs, troubleshooting tips, and instructional assembly videos. On the Drive Medical main site, product owners can also contact technical support directly via email or phone.


In addition to technical support and customer service, Drive Medical also provides education services for government officials, patients, and caregivers. The Drive Cares site houses several informative blogs explicitly designed to educate and inform caregivers about patient needs, how to use products, and the like. The Drive Medical main site hosts a series of videos regarding COVID safety and support systems as well.


For medical providers like hospitals and doctors’ offices, Drive Medical employs a unique set of services. The wheelchair reimbursement service, for example, provides returns and reimbursement on damaged wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment, regardless of how it was damaged. Provider-specific protection plans and technical services are available for facilities as well, so care providers can get the most out of their equipment for as long as possible.


Drive Medical has its foot in the door for almost every aspect of the durable medical equipment industry with such a massive range of products. Their products are designed for both hospital and home use and many of their products offer support for bariatric buyers as well. Bariatric products provided by Drive Medical include commodes, wheelchairs, and walkers. In addition, many of their furniture items have a high weight capacity too.


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