Accidents can happen anywhere, especially in the bathroom. To help prevent slips, provide extra accessibility, and allow for comfortable use, check out these products:


Handheld showerheads are ideal for people with limited mobility. With flexible tubing and an easy-to-hold design, handheld showerheads work well for anyone who needs to sit while in the shower, or just for getting those hard-to-reach places. Many handheld showerheads can be installed at almost any shower, and the showerhead itself contains various pressure settings too.

Benches and Chairs

A sit-in bath can cost thousands of dollars to install, and these baths might still be difficult for users to get in and out of. Shower chairs are a cost-effective solution for those who can’t afford a full remodel. These chairs are waterproof, lightweight, and easy to store, making them ideal for users who share a shower with other people or live in an apartment. Some shower chairs are made specifically for bariatric users as well.


To better accommodate users who need a little extra help getting into the bath or shower, transfer benches act as a midway point between the wheelchair and the shower. Transfer benches are built to aid people of all shapes and sizes, as well as fit in any standard bathtub or shower. Just like shower chairs, transfer benches can be adjusted to match the user’s height. Some can also be folded for easy transport or storage.

Grab Bars and Bath Mats

To prevent slips and falls, grab bars do exactly what it says on the package. Most grab bars attach to the shower via suction cups or vertical tension rods. Thus, professional installation is not required. Grab bars provide extra support when standing, but to better prevent slipping, bath mats are the way to go. Ideally, it is best to have a grab bar inside the shower, and a bath mat on the outside.

Toilet Safety

Toilet safety products are designed specifically to help users sit down and stand up with ease. Raised toilet seats make it easier for users to sit and stand by closing the distance needed to squat when sitting down. Not only does this help balance, but the elevation also relieves excess stress on the knees.


Another way to help users sit and stand on the toilet is through safety rails. Toilet safety rails allow users to stable themselves with two grab bars on either side of the toilet. Safety rails are designed to adjust based on the user’s height, and heavy-duty versions are available for bariatric users as well.


For more bathroom safety products, visit the Medical Supply Depot website.

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