Even if you’ve found the right wheelchair for you, there may be some things that make it challenging to work with. Maybe the chair itself is too low to the ground, or the back doesn’t allow you to sit upright. You might not have enough room to carry your things, or the places you go aren’t always wheelchair accessible. To help stay comfortable and mobile, here are some wheelchair accessories that can help you:

Wheelchair Cushions and Backings

If you’re a bit short and need a boost or your wheelchair seat is a bit uncomfortable after a while, consider investing in a cushion. Wheelchair cushions are durable accessories made of foam or gel that users can attach to their wheelchair seat for extra comfort or an added boost, similar to a cushion for a car seat. For those with back problems, backrests that provide lumbar support can help users put their back out while in their wheelchair.

Foot and Leg Rests

For some users, footrests can seriously add comfort to their wheelchair experience. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t need a wheelchair 24/7 but does use one regularly, swing-away footrests are a fantastic way to provide comfort, keep the legs in place, and make mounting and dismounting the chair much easier.

Wheelchair Bags

Wheelchair bags and backpacks are the ideal accessories for transporting a variety of things. Wheelchair carry-ons attach directly to the back of the wheelchair, away from the wheels, so that users can stay just as mobile. Unlike backpacks, users won’t have to worry about their carry-on becoming loose while moving either. In addition, wheelchair bags are heavy-duty and typically weather-resistant items as well.

Seat Belts

Wheelchair seat belts are designed specifically for users who may be at risk of falling out of their chair and unable to recover. Wheelchair seatbelts don’t require any special installation process or specific wheelchair to use. They can be installed on any chair at any time and even come in heavy-duty varieties for bariatric users as well.

Pivot Discs

Pivot discs are small devices that consist of a stationary base and a rotating platform. Designed to help users move from one seat to another, pivot discs are made especially for wheelchair users who can stand on their own but need extra support when moving from, say, the wheelchair to the toilet. Some pivot discs come with sit-to-stand bars as well for additional support.

Foldable Ramps

Like pivot discs, foldable ramps aren’t necessarily wheelchair accessories, but they greatly help wheelchair users maneuver in and out of buildings, cars, and other vehicles. Portable wheelchair ramps are durable, and while they may provide users with a bit more assistance in some areas, places with staircases or large gaps in height are difficult to traverse.


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