Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injury among older adults. However, these types of accidents can happen to anyone, young or old. NCOA estimates that falls cause 2.8 million emergency cases each year. Whether torn carpeting or a wet floor is the cause of your fall,  it is vital that you seek medical attention.

If your fall is particularly severe, you may need to take the time to recover and adjust your life accordingly. Read on to learn more.

Recovering After a Fall

If you have sustained injuries after a fall, it may take quite some time before you can adjust to independent life. For you to recuperate and get back to your daily activities, consider the following:

Change your diet

We all make an effort to eat healthy every day. However, when you have back, neck or other injuries caused by a slip and fall accident, you should choose foods that will fuel your recovery. Your diet should help fight inflammation and fuel repair.

Eliminate pro-inflammatory foods from your diet and replace them with anti-inflammatory foods with all the essential nutrients (minerals and vitamins), and proteins to help in the healing process.

Engage in exercises

Exercises should be done little and carefully. Fast and hard exercises can reinforce limps. Always remember to exercise your body on a daily basis. The exercises you do should focus on stability, weight-bearing, and balance. As you exercise, remember to minimize waddle and touch the walls if you’re feeling unbalanced. While strength training is good, too much focus on hip strengthening exercises and little emphasis on control and balance may reinforce a bad gait habit.

Use appropriate walking aids

Instead of limping, you should consider using the right walking aids. Although most people resist using walking aids, limping is a worse and more dangerous option. The right walking aid can help you recover quickly, prevent falls, and reverse limps. If you don’t want to use a cane, you can try using crutches. If your balance is precarious or you cannot correct your gait with a walking stick, you can use a wheelchair.

Getting the Right Walking Aids After a Fall

Do you feel weak and unsteady on your feet? Did you slip and fall recently? The right diet, exercises, and walking aids can help you recuperate and regain independence quickly. However, you need to get a suitable walking aid that you can use correctly.

Otherwise, instead of helping you heal, the device may hinder your movement, reinforce a bad gait, and even jeopardize your safety. To get the right walking aid, call (800) 965-7496 today for professional assistance. You can also visit Medical Supply Depot and browse a variety of walking aids and assistive furniture.  



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