When we think of accommodations for the home, bathroom accessories tend to be the first thing that comes to mind for many people. The bathroom can be a dangerous place, especially for people who have difficulty sitting, standing, and maintaining balance while bathing. To help make the bathroom experience a bit more comfortable, here are some accommodative accessories you can purchase for your bathroom.

Toilet Safety Rails and Raised Seats

For those who have difficulty sitting and standing, toilet accessories like safety rails and raised seats can help people sit and stand with less difficulty. While most raised seat covers come with safety rails attached, safety rails themselves can be purchased separately as needed. Both are made of lightweight metal or plastic and can be collapsed and reassembled as needed, making them easy to move.

Transfer Benches and Shower Chairs

Transfer benches are another great tool for people with difficulty sitting, standing, or getting into the tub. These accessories go in the bathtub and over the outer railing, so people can lift themselves into the bath from a wheelchair. These benches are also great for people who need to sit before stepping over a tub railing and into a bath. These benches are waterproof and lightweight, so users can continue to sit while in the bath or shower.

Shower chairs work in a similar way, although they are designed without the transfer capabilities that come with transfer benches. These chairs are ideal for standing showers, or showers that don’t have bathtubs with them.

Shower Rails

To further help with balance, Grab bars can be installed for people to use when they don’t necessarily need to sit down during a shower, or in conjunction with shower seats to help them stand and wash difficult areas. Most of these rails are suction-based and can be removed or readjusted as needed.

Handheld Showerheads

To further aid those who need to sit in the shower, handheld showerheads are great to help users rinse hard-to-reach places without having to stand, turn around, or compromise their balance. While some showers already come with detachable handheld showerheads, users can replace their current showerhead if necessary with a handheld one.

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