Making sure that your patient is properly cleaned in between showers is essential to maintaining good health and avoiding infections. However, bedside baths can often be uncomfortable for both the patient and the caregiver. To help keep both you and your patient comfortable while you bathe them, we have assembled a few tips and products meant to help you give an effective and efficient bedside bath.

Keep your patient covered

Use a clean towel or sheet to cover what you’re not washing; this prevents your patient from getting cold while you are bathing them. Once you are fully finished bathing and drying a part of your patient, re-cover it and move on to the next part.

Use “no rinse” products

“No rinse” products such as no rinse body bath, no rinse shampoo, and bathing cloths are a great way to make sure that your patient is getting clean without needing to rinse leftover residue off of their skin.

Dry as you go

If using products that need to be rinsed off, make sure to thoroughly dry each part of the body before moving on to another. Completely drying off your patient as you go ensures that you will not leave any wet spots that could cause skin irritation or breakouts in your patient.

Try an inflatable tub

These products allow you to submerge your patient completely or partially into a water bath. Two main variations of these inflatable tubs are theshampoo basin and thefull body tub. The shampoo basin is meant to go under your patient’s head, fully submerging their hair for easier washing.

The full body tub allows you to submerge your patient in water to clean them, just as if they were to sit in an actual bathtub, while not requiring them to move to the bathroom. If your patient requires a deeper clean than you could give with a washcloth and a basin, this inflatable tub is a great option.

Consider the bedside shower

This product is made to hang on a bedpost or IV pole and acts as a portable shower. It is perfect to use alongside the two inflatable tubs mentioned above, since they will catch the water and prevent your patient’s bed from getting wet. It’s hose with an on/off switch allows you to easily rinse off your patient’s skin, preventing skin irritation from soap residue.

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