Nothing can ruin a good time quite as fast as a leaky bladder—or even the fear that there might be a leak in the future. If this is something you worry about, you’re not alone. According to one source, over 25 million American adults experience urinary incontinence, leading to a total of over 200 million people worldwide.

What is Bladder Training?

At its core, bladder training is a type of behavior therapy. Many people who struggle with urinary incontinence have the urge to urinate frequently, which can contribute to leaks and a lack of control. Essentially, someone practicing bladder training is working to go for longer periods without needing to urinate, ideally by putting their body on a schedule. When you develop the habit of urinating at certain times of the day, whether or not you feel the urge to go, your mind and body can train itself to control urges to urinate.


It’s a good idea to discuss the idea with your doctor to determine if it’s a good idea for you personally. If your doctor believes it has the potential to help control the problem, he or she can help you determine a schedule that you should aim to maintain. If this is difficult for you, there are a few methods that can be used to postpone the need to hurry to the bathroom; relaxation and Kegel exercises can be useful for both men and women.


Once you’ve mastered urinating only at the times mapped out in your schedule, you can begin to extend those times by fifteen to thirty minute intervals. Before long, it should be possible to avoid needing the toilet for hours at a time.

Be Patient With Yourself!

No one enjoys dealing with urinary incontinence. However, when you remember that millions of other people around the world are living with the same problems, and that there are behavioral methods to help improve the situation, things can seem much more positive. Work towards improving your health and developing a schedule, and you might be surprised at how much more manageable your incontinence problems can become!


With so many people living with urinary incontinence and its many discomforts, it only makes sense that there are solutions available. Companies like Medical Supply Depot can offer products to reduce the immediate risk of leakage while you’re working towards longer-lasting solutions. For many people, bladder training has proved to be an effective way to help cut down on embarrassing and uncomfortable leaks.

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