When browsing the Medical Supply Depot website, the name “Drive Medical” shows up a lot. As one of the biggest medical suppliers on the site itself, what exactly do they do, and what is their purpose? Read on for more information.

What is Drive Medical?

Drive Medical is a company formerly known as Medical Depot Inc., founded in 2000. In 2015, Medical Depot merged with DeVilbiss Healthcare, creating their new title: Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare.

The company specializes in both home care and hospital care products, making it a popular supplier among many live-in care facilities, hospitals that offer long-term care, and families caring for loved ones at home.

Their Mission Statement

In terms of mission statement, the Drive Medical site provides one sentence: “Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare exists to enhance the quality of life of the people we touch.” While their specialty is indeed quality-of-life enhancing tools and furniture, Drive Medical places extra focus on durable medical equipment (DME), hospital beds, respiratory equipment, and other self-assist products. They aim to make each device as easy to set up and use as possible, for as long as a patient needs.

Home Products

Drive Medical’s home products are designed to be set up in the average home. They are lightweight, collapsable, and designed for easy set-up. Their toilet safety rails, for example, are designed to provide users maximum stability while sitting down, but the device itself can be installed over a couple of hours with some help. Other products, like canes, are ready to use right away.

Hospital Products

Just like home care products, Drive Medical’s hospital products are designed for ease of access. Most hospital items can double as home care products as well, but they may need a bit more setup. A Drive Medical power lift, for example, may be able to fit in someone’s home, but installation may be much more complicated than that of a bedside commode. Nevertheless, these products are durable and meant to last a lifetime.


To browse more Drive Medical products, visit the Medical Supply Depot website.

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