Golden Technologies is one of the many brands sold at Medical Supply Depot and has the most niche market. The company itself only makes two kinds of products, but they are the most trusted brand for both items. To learn more about Golden Technologies, read on:


Golden Technologies started as a lift chair manufacturer run by two people: Robert Golden Sr. and Fred Kiwak. The two built their chairs out of a backyard shed beginning in 1985. Their business quickly expanded, and as the need for more space and employees grew, the Golden Technologies headquarters moved nearby to a facility in Fort Worth, PA.


In the 1990s, the business further expanded, this time into the territory of mobility scooters. Hospital beds followed suit shortly after. In 2005, Golden Technologies began producing power wheelchairs as well.

Mission Statement

The company’s mission statement “build it right the first time” hasn’t changed at all since the business’ conception. According to Richard Golden, the current CEO, the company’s mission is to create the highest-quality chairs and mobility products that will last a lifetime. The company aims to use state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship to ensure products will work as intended from the start.


Unlike most medical suppliers, Golden Technologies specializes in only a few products: power lift chairs, scooters, and power wheelchairs.

Power Chairs

There are several types of lift chairs available under the Golden Technologies brand, all of which come with manufacturer’s warranties to cover any damage.

  • DeLuna Series Chairs are three-position lift chairs explicitly designed for sleeping. They prioritize comfort and support for people who sleep in their chairs often.
  • The Small to Tall Chairs are three-position chairs that come in many different shapes and sizes, so each user has a chair that appropriately fits their needs.
  • The Signature Lift Recliners are Golden Technologies’ standard three-position chairs.
  • MaxiComfort Lift Chairs are unlimited-position chairs that glide from position to position with ease.
  • Twilight Technology Chairs use a patented form of tilting technology to help cradle users as they change positions. Twilight Technology chairs are designed to create a feeling of comfort and zero-gravity.
  • Comfort Zone Chairs have positions designed specifically to relieve stress and maximize comfort in particular areas of the body. These chairs also utilize Twilight Technology.


Power wheelchairs available from Golden Technologies are a bit more limited. The company offers both compact electric wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs with center-wheel drive.


As for mobility scooters, Golden Technologies offers two kinds of portable scooters designed to fit in a car for easy transport. Both the Buzzaround and LiteRide scooter are lightweight and multi-terrain drive. They can also be assembled and disassembled at the user’s convenience. Golden Technologies also offers outdoor scooters made for off-road or uneven terrain. Their standard, all-around scooter can go both indoors and outdoors as well.


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