Medical Supply Depot hosts several brands on the site, including Invacare. With a wide range of home care products, Invacare primarily supplies assistive furniture. To learn more about their history, mission statement, and products, read on:


Founded in 1885, Invacare is one of the oldest medical manufacturers in America. Under the name “The Worthington Company,” Invacare first began producing disability-friendly vehicles, like wheelchairs and walkers. In the 1970s, Invacare became known as Technicare, and the company produced far more than just wheelchairs and walkers. After Technicare’s purchase by the Johnson and Johnson company, the wheelchair manufacturing section of Technicare was sold on its own, becoming Invacare.

Mission Statement

As a company, Invacare strives to develop and produce affordable home care products that enhance its users’ quality of life. Ranging from long-term care products to recovery-focused aids, Invacare specializes in providing durable medical equipment. Their slogan, “yes, you can,” reflects their aims to help people with disabilities and care providers achieve their goals. The brand name itself is an acronym as well: Innovation, Value, and healthcare.

Environmental Impact

Another goal the Invacare team strives for is lowering their environmental impact. A large portion of waste comes from factories, and millions of medical products and equipment are thrown out every year. Product developers at Invacare work to create tools that will not only last longer but are less costly to make as well. As a sort of “second mission statement,” higher-ups at Invacare believe that sustainability is just as important as cost in a business. Because of this, they place heavy corporate responsibility on maintaining a green environment while still providing the best products possible.


Alongside medical products, Invacare also supplies services to customers who may need extra help adjusting to new medical devices. One such service falls upon Invacare’s interior design team, which specializes in creating accessible, tasteful living spaces that users can feel comfortable living in, even with large-scale medical equipment. Additionally, Invacare also provides maintenance and technical support to customers as needed through on-site repair programs.


Invacare has a rental policy so that users can rent equipment at an affordable price for short-term and long-term care. This service is most recommended for short-term care and recovery since users won’t have to buy expensive equipment that they won’t use later on.

Invacare Products

As mentioned in their history, Invacare specializes mainly in wheelchairs and other mobility devices. However, the company also manufactures state-of-the-art durable medical equipment like hospital beds, patient lifts, transfer benches, respiratory care, and personal care items. To browse Invacare products available on the Medical Supply Depot website, click here.

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