Bathrooms are slippery, which makes them common places for people to slip, fall, and injure themselves. It’s important to make your bathroom slip and fall-proof to maintain a safe environment at home. Patients with impaired disabilities or other motor disabilities usually require bathroom grab bars and other safety items like safety rails.

Types of Bathroom Grab Bars

There are three types of bathroom grabs.

1.     Horizontal grab bars

These are the most common type of grab bars installed to help people with limited mobility. They offer a firm place to grab. Their position makes them stress-free to use and can allow movement in more than one direction. These grab bars should never be installed at an angle because any miscalculations can lead to difficulty using them.

2.     Vertical pull grab bars

This is the best option for people who have a problem with balance. This specific grab bar comes as a modifiable length bar and has a coiled grab bar attached at the vertical angle. The bar can be adjusted to suit the users. People can use this type of grab bar to pull themselves up from a seated position. It features rubbers at the ends.

3.     Diagonal grab bars

These particular bars have a gentle slant that makes it easy to use when moving from a sitting position to a vertical position since it is always at the user's grasp. This type of grab bar is a medium between the other two types of bathroom grab bars.

Apart from the various directions, bathroom grab bars come in various styles including,

  • Wavy bars
  • Pull-down bars
  • Suction cup bars
  • Foot-to-ceiling bars
  • Texture bars
  • Straight bars
  • Multi-purpose grab bars

How to Choose The Right Bathroom Grab Bars

Grab bars should be installed where they will best help the users. Some grab bars like the suction bars can only be installed in bathrooms with 4 inches or bigger tiles. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best grab bar:

Weight capacity

Many grab bars can support at least 113kgs. However, if you need a large weight capacity grab bar, you can opt for the bariatric grab bars.

Grip surface

A textured grip surface is the best when it comes to bathroom safety. The textured surface offers a non-slip grasp, especially for wet hands as well as for those who have limited dexterity.

Finish and color

Bathroom grabs are available in various colors and finishes. Choose those that match your bathroom décor to improve the visibility of the grab.

Length and size

Avoid using extra-long bathroom grab bars. The shower might need a shorter grab bar, one that does not extend over the shower seat. For people with joint problems, a thinner grab bar may be most ideal.


You will probably need more than one bathroom grab bar. Make sure to buy more than one for the bathroom entry, in the shower, and near the toilet to allow maximum assistance for those with limited mobility.

Get the Best Grab Bars Today!

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