When choosing a hospital bed for your home, it can be difficult to determine what kind of bed will work best for you. Here are some tips for choosing the best hospital bed for your personal needs.

Why Upgrading is Important

Switching from a traditional bed to a hospital bed may seem pointless, but there are many benefits to upgrading your bed, or a loved one’s bed. For example, hospital beds are an excellent solution for people who have difficulty getting into and out of bed in the first place. With their adjustable heights, hospital beds can be raised or lowered to meet the user’s needs and provide ease of access when getting into and out of bed. Hospital beds can also be adjusted to help patients sit up and lie down. Bedrails can be adjusted or removed as well.

The Three Main Kinds of Hospital Bed

Overall, there are three main kinds of hospital beds, each different based on how the beds function.

·       Manual Beds

Manual beds do not require electricity to operate, and all functions for raising, lowering, and adjusting the bed are done manually. Manual beds are often cheaper than electric beds and are an excellent choice for users who don’t require too much adjustment with their beds. Manual beds, however, tend to offer lower levels of adjustment and may require extra help to adjust, making them difficult to use for those with low mobility.

·       Semi-Electric Beds

Semi-electric beds are a halfway-point between manual and full electric beds, offering users adjustable head and foot areas at the bed powered by electricity. These beds do require manual height adjustment, and they often fall in the middle price range. Semi-electric beds work best for users who frequently need to adjust their head and foot positioning, but don’t want to pay for a fully electric bed.

·       Full Electric Beds

A fully electric bed has both electrically powered height and head/foot adjustment. While these beds are pricier, they can be great tools for people who adjust their beds frequently. These beds are the ones seen most often in hospitals since they allow patients ease of comfort as needed.

Why go Electric?

Opting to purchase an electric bed for your home can provide both users and caregivers alike ease of access when adjusting the bed itself. A manual bed may be difficult for caregivers to adjust, and impossible for the users, but electric beds can allow both users and caregivers a wide range of adjustment options at the press of a button. Electric beds also often come with a bedside control unit, so users can adjust their bed as needed without calling for their caregivers. This allows users the freedom to control their comfort level and mobility in and out of bed as well.

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