It’s that time of year again where plummeting temperatures tend to wreak havoc on our immune systems. To keep your body strong and up for the fight against the sniffles and body aches, check out  these tips to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

1.  Stick to a regular sleep schedule.

It’s important to get those zzz’s! Fatigue can lead to unhealthy weight gain as well as decreased cognitive behaviors, weakening your immune system. Getting seven to eight hours a night is crucial for a good night’s rest. If the right pillow is your issue, Alex’s Orthopedic Sound of Sleep Memory Pillow is ideal for creating a peaceful ambiance to unwind. With built-in speakers compatible with most music players and a durable foam material, you can relax and drift off into dreamland.

 2.          Wash your hands thoroughly.

Pass the hand sanitizer please! Making sure you wash your hands is important to prevent infections from transferring. Using water and soap for 30 seconds can help you from having to visit the doctor. If water and soap aren’t available, cleansing products like Derma-Rite’s Gel-Rite Alcohol Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E kill 99% of germs and leaves skin feeling soft after use.

3.          Take Vitamins Daily.

As routine as brushing your teeth, taking daily vitamins should be treated the same. Not only do they keep your immune system strong but vitamins like Gericare Vitamin C tablets are proven to shorten the duration of a cold and reduce the overall stress your body endures during illness.

4.          Use A Humidifier to Ease Congestion.

With sub-zero temperatures comes dry nasal passages. Using a humidifier like Kaz USA’s Vicks Healthmist can keep sinuses and lung passages moisturized for easier breathing and less congestion. Humidifiers also work well in places with dry air.  

 5.          Maintain a Healthy Weight

It’s hard with the holiday season and all its tempting treats, but maintaining a healthy weight can help to strengthen the immune system and assist in fighting off an infection. Referring to a body mass index (BMI) calculator and using a scale like Escali’s Extra Large Display Bathroom Scale can help keep your weight in check.


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