Your body is pretty amazing. Every day, it works hard at digesting food and pumping blood, among other overlooked functions. But perhaps most important, your body’s immune system protects you against toxic invaders often known as germs.

So what are germs? They are small organisms that can cause infections or diseases. These elements are so sneaky that they will creep into your body without you noticing. When they invade the body, you won’t realize until you start noticing some symptoms indicative of the attack. Fortunately, you can take several actions to keep germs at bay.

How Germs Spread

From the nose and mouth

Germs spread most commonly via the nose, mouth, eyes, and nails. Usually, bacteria can spread to your hands when you cough directly into them and then rub your eyes.

How would you prevent this? By simply washing your hands with soap and water and using a disinfectant, you can play a role in helping to prevent illnesses such as eye infections as well as the common cold.

Spread in the air

Droplets with germs can be released into the air when you sneeze or cough. These tiny but troublesome droplets can easily travel as far as 10 feet, thereby spreading germs. This occurs when they land on different surfaces or, worse, another person's mouth. 

In rare instances, the remains of the small droplets may be suspended into the air for minutes or hours. The people surrounding you can easily breathe in the droplets. To take preventive measures, professionals in healthcare centers work hard to strategize ways to prevent the spread of germs between people. These measures include wearing gowns as well as gloves, assisting people in staying away from crowded areas, and using disinfectants.

Public transport and work

Although this might come as no surprise, germs abound in public spaces. Touch screens, door handles, and tables are just a couple examples of surfaces often teeming with eager invaders. Therefore, when at work or when using public transport, you should always carry a skin cleanser.


Cleaning tools, including clothes, hoover bags, washing-up brushes, dusters, need to be kept clean as well as functional since they can harbor precarious germs. Also, disposable clothes are highly preferred so that they are thrown away after use. But in many cases, it is highly recommended that they are cleaned using detergents and disinfectants. To eliminate germs, visit Medical Supply Depot today and get quality supplies.

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