Right now, going to the gym is risky, but so is being inactive.  Exercise helps strengthen your immune system, fights off depression, and can keep your blood flowing with ease. Unfortunately, many people have stopped working out because they need the community that gyms provide to stay motivated.  With that in mind, here are a few ways that you can build your own safe fitness community.


Workout With (and Even On!) YouTube


YouTube has a wealth of workout videos that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own living room. Whether you want to keep up with your cardio or just have a solo dance party, you can find it on YouTube.


You can even create an online channel or just post your own workouts under a single title so they are easy to find (for example, “Bob’s Before Breakfast Workout”). Telling your friends and posting your link on Facebook is an easy way to start getting followers. YouTube has a comments section that will allow you and your viewers to encourage each other, trade suggestions, or celebrate victories.  The fact that other people are counting on you will help you keep your commitment to staying in shape.



Fun Family Workouts

Remember when you said that you needed to start spending more time with the family some day?  Well, that day is today!


Try running an obstacle course with your kids.   Let them come up with the obstacles.  Give them a stopwatch and have them time you.  Will they laugh?  Of course they will. And what could be more motivating than the sound of kids laughing during a pandemic?


And don’t forget your spouse.  Exercise can also be romantic.  How about taking online dance lessons together?  Candles light and a fireplace are a nice touch.


Chopping Wood and Raking Leaves

Chopping wood and raking leaves are great forms of exercise.   There is something really satisfying about splitting a log in two.  And jumping in leaf piles is fun.  But besides all that, these jobs need done.


Do you already have enough wood?  Your leaves are all raked?  What about your neighbors?  Covid has stranded a lot of older folks who might not be able to handle a rake or an axe.  Nothing is more motivating than helping someone in need.

Encouraging Health

Here at Medical Supply Depot, we understand what a lifesaver and motivation-killer social distancing can be.  That is why we are encouraging you to look around and rebuild a safe fitness community. 


Of course, we will always be here if you need us.  We will ship masks and other Covid related supplies right to your door.  But we would rather have healthy customers than sick one.


So wear the masks.  Keep your distance.  Find the people who will be there for you and that you can be there for as we all keep moving forward.


From all of us at Medical Supply Depot, we wish you the best of health.




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