Whether it’s you or a loved one, you likely know or have met someone who gets around on a wheelchair. Wheelchairs provide reliable transportation for those cannot walk; however, there are many misconceptions about people’s usage of wheelchairs and their lifestyle habits. These assumptions promote stigma, which in turn leaves those who must rely on a wheelchair to get around feeling helpless and ashamed. To dissipate this stigma, let’s take a look at reality by debunking these three common myths.

Myth 1: Those in wheelchairs are unemployed

Many people who use wheelchairs are not confined to them 24/7. Some of the world’s most notable people have used a wheelchair to get around, including former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, world-renowned artist Frida Kahlo and Superman himself actor Christopher Reeves. Being wheelchair bound does not mean that you are barred from pursuing all your career goals.


Additionally, according to the American Disabilities Act, prospective employers who discriminate against anyone with a disability including one that requires the use of a wheelchair is illegal.


Some wheelchair employees might need additional accommodations when in the workplace, like Invacare Smart Rail that is adjustable to their height and helps them get up from their chairs and beds and move to another spot or the Alex Orthopedic Memory Coccyx Cushion which makes sitting for extended periods of time more comfortable and also relieves back pain that most wheelchair users complain of.


Myth 2: Wheelchair users need constant assistance while using the restrooms

Being in a wheelchair doesn’t necessarily mean that one loses all independence. With the right accommodations, you or your loved one can complete everyday tasks on your own, freely and safely.


When using the toilet, those in wheelchairs might have a bit of trouble lowering themselves to the seat. Carex Commode Assist makes it easier with an adjustable seat that can be the same height as a wheelchair so users can gently lower themselves to the toilet without any personal assistance.


Additionally, showering can be a more enjoyable and independent activity with Drive Medical Plastic Transfer Bench allowing wheelchair users to easily transfer themselves from their seat to the shower and sit down while bathing. This allows comfort and no need for an assistant to help with the process.


Myth 3: Those in wheelchairs can’t travel very far

If you think wheelchair users can only get from one area of their house to another and that’s the extent of their travel--think again! Thanks to advancements in technology in recent years, those that are wheelchair bound have several options at their disposal for mobility. Some can even use their wheelchair to drive! Drive Medical’s Cobra GT4 Executive 4 Wheel Power Scooter has almost everything in a regular vehicle making a wheelchair users have the joy of being able to drive and get around easily and in style.


The power scooter has a height adjustable seat and with its dynamic and modern design, there have been several features added to ensure the user’s safety and comfort including LED taillights and turn signals as well as rear view mirrors so users can take their scooters to the open road.


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