Keeping your home clean has many benefits, beyond just making you feel good mentally. By deep cleaning your home, you can eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses. Additionally, deep cleaning helps you improve the air quality inside your home. Lastly, did you know that a clean home helps in reducing stress? Read on to learn how to deep clean effectively!

Tips to Make Sure That You are Properly Cleaning your Home

Deep clean the entire house, not just a room at a time

To ease your work, select one task, for example, mopping or vacuuming and do it in all the places in the house, instead of cleaning the kitchen, then the living room. Completing one task at a time in every room will inhibit you from feeling that you are in a never-ending cleaning sequence doing the same job repetitively.

Assemble all your cleaning tools in a container

Make sure that everything you need is in one place. This will minimize the time you will take to look for tools while at the same time cleaning. The following are the tools you should have:

  • A couple of rubber gloves
  • A scrub brush
  • A spray bottle with a ratio of 1:1 vinegar and water
  • A rough scrub pad
  • Two buckets; one of clean water and the other for the oily and dirty water
  • Dish soap, disinfectant of any of your favorite degreaser
  • Disposable rags: you can use old towels that you will no longer use

Start by cleaning the clutter

Before you deep clean your home, go through every room and pick up the clutter. Choose what you will do with the clutter. You can choose either to throw them away or give as donations.

Dust and vacuum the home and make sure that the ceiling fan is turned off. Dust the furniture tops, shelve undersides, picture frames, TV screens, and handrails.

Disinfect countertops, appliances and doorknobs, light switches, TV remotes, and telephones. Use a non-toxic disinfectant to disinfect areas that might bring germs to people’s hands.

Wipe windows and glass using a microfiber cloth and follow it with a dry cloth to wipe clean the windows. You can use a window cleaner to get sparkling mirrors and windows.

Mop or vacuum the floor

Before mopping the floor, make sure that you sweep the kitchen and the bathroom floors as well. Start vacuuming and mopping from the furthest corners and move towards the doorway.

Other deep-cleaning tips include;

  • Cleaning window treatments
  • Throwing away unused domestic items
  • Moving the furniture to wash baseboards
  • Cleaning the ceiling fan as well as the light fittings


Cleaning your home should be a team effort. It is the best way to have everything done fast, and it is also fun. Also, make sure that you plan time in advance with your family and allocate errands to everyone. After cleaning your home, don’t forget to clean all your cleaning tools. Using dirty cleaning tools will only make things messier. Visit Medical Supply Depot Today for disinfectants and skin protective products.

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