For those who use a wheelchair, navigating the world can be difficult. Many public spaces are not designed with wheelchair access in mind. Home should be a comfortable place, but for people who require a wheelchair, it can also be challenging to create a home environment that is suitable for a wheelchair.


The living room is the heart of the home, so it is crucial to design it to accommodate wheelchair use for you or your family member. Whether you are designing and building a new house or modifying your current home for wheelchair accessibility, we offer some practical advice for designing your living room with a wheelchair in mind.

1. Wide entry and doorway

Make sure the entrance to your living room is wide enough to easily fit a wheelchair through it.

2. Easy bathroom access

If building a new home, position the bathroom near the living room with a wide enough hallway. When modifying an existing home, be sure to add an easy way to access the nearest bathroom.

3. Maximize floor space

 Don’t crowd the space; keep it free from clutter to allow the wheelchair enough room to maneuver in the room. Make sure there is plenty of room to park a wheelchair.

4. Smooth Flooring

Use flat, smooth flooring throughout the living roo. This makes it easier for wheelchairs to roll across. Avoid mats, rugs, or uneven carpeting, as they make it difficult to navigate a wheelchair without getting caught.

5. Furniture selection

Keep the wheelchair in mind when choosing furniture for your space. Furniture should be stable to ensure it doesn’t easily tip if leaned on or bumped into. Aim for low, comfortable, easy-to-use couches. Opt for furniture that is easy to get around.

6. Design and Decor

Place light switches, lamps, tables, and drawers in locations that can be reached from a wheelchair. Amenities should be lower to the ground and necessities stored in one easily accessible location. Consider the eye-level of someone in a wheelchair when decorating.

A High-Quality Wheelchair

Although important, the design of your living room is only one part of a comfortable at-home experience with a wheelchair. The design and functionality of your wheelchair are also essential.


At the Medical Supply Depot, we have a wheelchair for everyone. From bariatric to manual or power wheelchairs, we have the wheelchair and wheelchair accessories best suited for your needs. To learn more about the wheelchairs and accessories we offer, visit our website or order by phone at 800-965-7496.



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