Choosing the right wheelchair for your needs can be a difficult task, especially when you have to consider how your mobility will be affected by moving the chair itself. Fortunately, there are tons of wheelchairs on the market for people with all levels of mobility. These chairs come in four main types:

Transport Wheelchairs

These chairs are not intended for the user to move about freely on their own. Instead, transport wheelchairs are the kind of chairs hospitals and nursing homes will use to help move patients from place to place. Transport chairs typically have smaller wheels and are designed with brakes and footrests to help users climb in and out of the chair. These chairs need to be pushed by a caretaker for the sitter to be able to move.

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are what most people think of when they hear the word “wheelchair”. These chairs can be maneuvered independently via rims on the sides of each wheel. Manual chairs can either be designed for short-term users, who may not need their chair for more than a few weeks, and long-term users, who will use their wheelchair much more frequently. Both chairs are built to last, but long-term manual wheelchairs are often designed with their user in mind to provide as much comfort and mobility as possible.

Powered Wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs are designed to aid mobility for those who may not be able to operate a manual wheelchair. These chairs are battery-powered, and often controlled by the user via a steering apparatus on the arm of the chair itself. Because they are battery-powered, each chair may have different battery life and will need to be charged. These chairs are also prone to mechanical complications much like any vehicle but are excellent options to consider in providing comfort and mobility to those who may not be able to operate a wheelchair manually.

Powered wheelchairs are also sorted into categories based on the location of the powered wheels (usually the two biggest wheels on the device).

Bariatric Wheelchairs

For people who are considered obese, bariatric products can help provide aid for those with disabilities. Wheelchairs are no exception, and bariatric wheelchairs are designed to be easily maneuverable, heavy-duty, and comfortable. Bariatric wheelchairs can be either manual or transport chairs, allowing users to move about as they wish.

If you or a loved one experiences limited mobility and may need a wheelchair, be sure to discuss with your doctor what kind of chair will work best. To browse affordable wheelchairs for both personal and medical use, visit Medical Supply Depot.



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