Dressing stylishly with an ostomy is something that every ostomate longs to master. After surgery, you might feel like you want to wear loose-fitting clothes; however, when you have fully recovered, there is no reason to keep on wearing baggy clothes. You can still wear some of your favorite garments as long as you change up how you wear them to make sure that the stoma is out of sight. Here are some tips on how to dress with an ostomy.

Shapewear shorts

These are shorts that come up to your ribs. They will play a significant role in concealing the ostomy bag. Apart from hiding the ostomy bag, shape wear short has the bonus of making you look slim. You can wear it under dresses as well as rompers.

High waisted shorts and skirts

These are suitable if your ostomy bag sits lower on your waist. High waisted shorts and skirts are good for hiding your ostomy bag. Wear your high waisted skirt with your favorite shirt or even wear a high waisted trouser with a tighter top to offer enough coverage for your ostomy bag.

Loose-fitting shirts and blouses

A nice fitting shirt and blouse help hide the ostomy bag as it fills. You can choose to wear peplum tops, which will conceal the ostomy bag by covering your stomach.

Wear clinch dresses

Dresses that cinch also come in handy in hiding the ostomy bag.

Ostomy wrap or stealth belt

There are several ostomy accessories available for all ostomates. You can wear an ostomy wrap or stealth belt underneath your dresses. These are best won when you aren’t wearing tights or leggings. You can wear a stretchy decorative belt to hide your ostomy bag. 

Stoma guards

Stoma guards are suitable for ostomates with the ostomy bags at their waistline or near their beltline. They play a significant role in protecting and concealing the ostomy bag during sports as well as unexpected impacts, for instance, from kids and pets.

Wear patterned clothes

Patterns are great for distracting the eye. They trick the eyes and divert all the attention from the bulging ostomy bag.

Swimwear and underwear

There are several attractive underwear from different companies. Some swim wears have inner linings, which help in concealing your ostomy bag.

Get Ostomy Supplies

People will judge you based on how you look. Once you get confident about your ostomy bag in private, you can confidently show it off. Get what works best for you as well as what makes you feel comfortable. You can find the above ostomy accessories at Medical Supply Depot.


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