Fall is almost here! For many, that means apple picking, outdoor festivals, and heading out to football games on the weekends. But for those with limited mobility, activities that involve even minimal walking can give rise to anxiety and dread. No one wants to experience pain during a fun day out or suffer the embarrassment of a public fall.


At Medical Supply Depot, we don’t want our customers to sit at home while the scenic and festive autumn months pass them by. Let’s walk through some product recommendations that help you increase your activity levels this season and take the fall by the horns!

Alex Orthopedic Cane

This is a simple, affordable, and practical cane ideal for those who may be able to walk around the house unassisted but want that extra security for crowded events or long distances. The Alex Orthopedic Cane has a strong sense of style, and while it doesn’t look like a piece of medical equipment, it still provides support you can depend on.

Drive Medical Quad Cane

If you feel you need more support for walking than a standard cane can provide, consider placing your trust in a quad (four-footed) cane that provides a stronger base. The adjustable-height Drive Medical Quad Cane features a foam rubber grip to protect your hand and can be used on either side of the body.


Rollators, also known as rolling walkers, are ideal for use inside or outside the home by those who need more support than they can get from canes. In general, rollators are more expensive than canes or traditional walkers without wheels, but the extra cost brings increased capacity and performance. Key features of rollators include convenient seats for resting and baskets for storing important belongings.

ProBasics Aluminum Crutches

Don’t let the effects of recovering from an injury ruin your fall season! Crutches provide those dealing with the aftermath of breaks, sprains, and surgeries the chance to stay on their feet and remain physically active. ProBasics Aluminum Crutches feature adjustment capabilities, armrests, hand grips and rubber tips for your comfort and stability.


Don’t sit on the sidelines this fall -- make the most of your mobility with a walking aid that can help you do more while feeling better!

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