After you’ve finished ticking the last item on your lengthy checklist, you believe you have found the best nursing home for your loved one. The professional staff is caring, the home looks homey, comfortable, and your loved one is OK with it. They might even be excited to move to their new home.

But you’re just getting started. You’re used to monitoring the type of care they receive, and you want to ensure that your loved one receives the attention they need. 

How to Monitor the Care of a Loved One

Ask questions

Start by asking your loved one some questions. After all, who else can provide you with reliable information? Cornelia Poer suggests you “ask questions that you would want to be asked if roles were reversed.” Ask questions such as:

  • How are they treating you?
  • Are you comfortable here?
  • Does the staff here respect you?
  • How long does the staff take to respond to calls when you need assistance?
  • Do you feel safe here?
  • Who is your favorite staff member?

The last point is crucial. If your loved one already has a particular favorite caregiver, then it means they are making a connection and developing new social skills. Such a close relationship means that your loved one will most likely take their medication more reliably.

Provide them with what they need

Apart from deciding to move your loved one into a nursing home, you will have to pack what they will need to transition into their new facility easily. Although they won’t have as much space as they are used to, there are some essentials that they will require, including:

  • Personalized mobility tools: Does your loved one have a wheelchair or walking aids? Sometimes they can get lost. Provide them with mobility tools that they can easily identify.
  • A cosmetic set: Give your loved one cosmetics and toiletries that they can no longer go out and get themselves. For men, get an extra razor and cream. For women, provide them with mascara, but if they don’t like wearing a lot of make-up, you can get them some hair products like shampoo and skin cleansers.

Check-in Frequently

Most nursing homes will have a care conference quarterly to allow you and your loved one to talk. However, you should also make impromptu visits. Checking in frequently will signal the staff that you’re actively involved in your loved one’s care. However, if you live far from the nursing home, the staff can always set up a videoconference with your loved one or print out emails. But, having someone nearby who can be your eyes and ears can be useful. You can enlist a relative or a close friend, or better still hire an ombudsperson or case manager to advocate for you and your loved one. 

What Next?

Whether you will be able to visit your loved one or not, always ensure that they have enough personal care products and other necessary medical tools and equipment. Regardless of where you’re located, you can purchase supplies from Medical Supply Depot and have them delivered to your loved one.