In most cases, patients with limited mobility need the help of a lift. Lifts are medical devices that apply specially tailored pads or slings to carefully lift a patient from the bed to the toilet, stretcher or a wheelchair. Lifts come in many sizes and shapes, and they are usually classified by the level of automation they have.

How to Find the Perfect Lift

Choosing the ideal patient lift can be a daunting task for caregivers. You need to have a pre-planned solution. The first step is identifying the patient’s mobility challenge. Once you have done that, you can then move to see whether the available device is appropriate to meet the needs of your patient.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Patient Lift

Every patient is unique; therefore, it is essential to choose a lift that suits your patient. To determine the most effective type of sling, patient evaluation is essential. To get the right lift for your patient, answer the following questions to have a better idea of what you are looking for.

Do you need a manual or electric lift?

A manual lift relies on your physical power, usually through a hydraulic pump. On the other hand, an electric or power lift uses a motor powered by a rechargeable battery. If you are the only caregiver operating the patient lift, you might want to use an electric patient lift because they are easy to operate.

How much weight will be supported by the lift?

Every patient lift has a maximum weight capacity. Ensure that you choose one that can support the patient’s weight. In cases where your patient has lost some weight, make sure to use a patient lift that can support the patient’s previous weight in case they regain their weight.

How often will you be using the lift? Where will you be taking it?

Will you be transporting your patient frequently? If yes, there are portable patient lifts that you can fold for easy storage and transportation.

Types of Patient Lifts

Sit-to-stand lifts

Sit-to-stand patient lifts, also known as the Sara lifts, are used to assist in moving patients when they are incapable of moving from a sitting position to a standing position on their own. This lifts help patients to uphold greater freedom and achieve harmless transfers.

Heavy duty lifts

This type of lift can support up to 1,000 pounds. They have adjustable legs which can be adjusted to a wider position for better steadiness and easy maneuverability around furniture and bathroom fixtures.

Bath lifts

This type of lifts is powered to let the patient have a smooth transition sitting in the bath. These lifts are usually controlled with a remote so that the patient can securely and gradually lower themselves in the bathwater.

Other types of patient lifts include

  • Manual lifts
  • pool lifts
  • Overhead sling lifts
  • Emergency inflatable lifts
  • Full body lifts

Get the Right Patient Lift System

A patient lift is an essential piece of equipment, which can be used in different care settings. In retirement care centers, hospitals, home care settings, and rehabilitation centers. The right patient lift will improve caregiving and make patient transfers easier, safer, and more comfortable. Visit Medical Supply Depot today and check some of our high-quality patient lifts.

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