Transport wheelchairs differ from ordinary household wheelchairs in many ways. Many of them have special features that make them ideal for short trips outside of the home. Transport wheelchairs are designed to make quick errands as convenient as possible, thanks to their light-weight build and folding ability. Furthermore, transport wheelchairs are much easier to pack into the trunk of a car than bigger, heavier models.


 Though transport wheelchairs are their own type, there are several differences in models within the subtype and it’s important to know what to look for when choosing the right chair for you.

Wheelchair Size

Like standard wheelchairs, a transport wheelchair can come in a variety of sizes, and choosing the right size is usually determined by the user’s weight. The standard chair size is approximately 19” in the seat, but there are options to use wider or narrower seats. A narrower seat can be as small as 17” while wider seats are generally above 22” in width. Narrow seats are designed for petite users weighing 120 lbs or less and wider seats are suited for users weighing over 300lbs. The standard seat is for users that fall somewhere between these two norms.

Weight and Durability

Depending on how often you plan on using your transport wheelchair, you will want to consider the weight that will be hoisted in and out of the car during trips. If your companion is able-bodied and can easily lift your chair in and out of the trunk or backseat, weight is not so much a factor. However, for users who need to consider their companion’s needs, a lighter chair is ideal.


Transport chairs are durable and can be used somewhat often. However, if you plan on using your chair frequently, it’s a good idea to invest in a sturdy chair for added durability.

Special Consideration

Transport wheelchairs differ from standard wheelchairs in one very important way. A standard wheelchair has larger back wheels that allow the user to be self-propelled. All of the wheels on a transport chair are small, which means that transport chairs require the user to have assistance in traveling. Someone has to be able to push the chair from behind and to load it in and out of the vehicle during trips.


Keep these details in mind when shopping for a transport wheelchair so that you can be certain that you’re choosing the best option for your unique situation. Also be sure to browse Medical Supply Depot for a wide range of different high-quality wheelchairs.


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