Do you have an overactive bladder (OAB)? You can cut down on the symptoms by simply changing your diet. According to Jean Fourcroy, MD, some of the foods and drinks we consume can cause incontinence. Regulating your fluid intake, avoiding things that can irritate your bladder, and consuming foods with more dietary fiber will help improve the incontinence symptoms.

5 Foods and Drinks to Avoid if You Have OAB

Tomato products

Tomatoes have high levels of acidity, which can irritate your bladder and worsen symptoms of incontinence. If you’re particularly sensitive, ensure that you avoid all tomato products, such as:

  • Ketchup
  • Pasta
  • Salsa
  • Pizza sauce

Alcoholic beverages

If you have an overactive bladder, you may want to limit your consumption of adult beverages. This can include:

  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Liquor

Spicy foods

According to the Urology Care Foundation, foods that can make your eyes watery or burn your lips may also irritate your bladder. Avoid spicy sauces and peppers, and be cautious of spicy salsas because they contain other foods, including tomatoes.

Lemons, limes, and oranges

Just like tomatoes, citrus fruits also contain citric acid, which may make it difficult to control your bladder. Some of the fruits you should watch out for include:

  • Grapefruit
  • Limes
  • Lemons
  • Oranges

Note: Fruits are an essential part of your diet. Therefore, instead of consuming fruits with high amounts of citric acid, you could try fruits with less acidity like apples or bananas.


Although most people claim that cranberry juice can help relieve urinary tract infections, cranberries contain high amounts of citric acid. Just like citrus fruits and tomatoes, cranberries can irritate your bladder and worsen your symptoms. Therefore, if you’re tempted to drink some cranberry juice, remember that it may worsen your condition. Instead of cranberry juice, take water.

How to Manage Urinary and Bowel Incontinence

Apart from avoiding the above foods and drinks, if you have already been diagnosed with incontinence, there are many aids that can help you manage your condition. Some of them include:

  • Guards, panty liners or pads: These are body-shaped inserts that are used for light to moderate urinary incontinence.
  • Knit or mesh pants: These washable and reusable pants are used to hold liners or pads.
  • Briefs: Also known as adult diapers, they look like underwear and have a waistband which makes them easy to remove.
  • Skincare: There are a variety of skincare products, such as anti-bacterial, powder lotions, shampoos, skin cleansers, and disinfectants that kill germs and help you maintain healthier skin.

Get Quality Incontinence Products

There are several incontinence products that can help make you feel more comfortable, make going to the toilet easier, and even boost your confidence. If you’re living with incontinence or caring for someone with this condition, visit Medical Supply Depot today!

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