When you order a wheelchair, underpads, or any other medical supplies online, you might not think much about it until you get to the checkout page and see just how expensive it all is. We all know insurance can cover certain items like prescription medications and doctors’ visits, but can it cover other expenses? Medical supplies are a necessity in many people’s lives, so it makes sense that they are covered by insurance. However, does this coverage apply to online transactions as well, and if so, how?

Are Your Supplies Covered?

The short answer is yes! Based on your insurance plan and the supplier, policyholders can get medical supplies online by following just a few extra steps. Sometimes, in order to be covered for a medical item, it must be deemed necessary by the insurance company. If you aren’t sure what is and isn’t deemed a “necessary item”, check with your primary care physician and insurance provider.

How To Get Coverage

To get coverage or qualify for reimbursement on a medical item, speak with your doctor. If your primary care physician can get you a formal diagnosis, and if possible, a prescription for the item, you’re good to go! The next step is to make sure your insurance company is aware of your needs, (which hopefully have already been validated by your doctor). Once you’ve got reason to purchase an item, your insurance company will help out.

With private insurance companies, the level of coverage and the items you can get under it may vary from Medicaid or Medicare’s. To be safe, always check with your insurance provider to see what is covered. For example, under Medicare part B, most home medical equipment is covered, but not wound care items like gauze and bandages. In the case an item you need is not covered by insurance, a prescription from your doctor will help make the item more affordable by telling the insurance company that the item is deemed necessary. 

How Do I Get Supplies Through Medical Supply Depot?

Since the Medical Supply Depot does not bill insurance companies like Medicaid directly, patients will get reimbursed for their purchase. While certain products are not covered, supplies like hospital beds, wheelchairs, and assistive tools can be purchased and reimbursed for up to 80% of their original cost. To get reimbursed, most insurance companies will require documentation of your purchase alongside your doctor’s note, and the prescription if needed. As always, be sure to ask your insurance provider exactly what they’ll need for you to get reimbursed. While shipping is not covered by insurance under many cases, Medical Supply Depot offers free shipping for orders over $75 and some items below that threshold.

If you have questions regarding coverage, speak with your insurance provider. For more questions on how Medical Supply Depot can help you get the items you need, contact us via phone, email, or message through the Medical Supply Depot’s website.

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