It seems like there is a new diet craze every other day. What’s worse, many of the companies making so-called “health foods” with these ingredients are packing them full of saturated fats, sugars, and carbs to make them more appealing.


The result? That healthy snack you bought is packing on more pounds than a candy bar! We’ve curated a list of five popular “health foods” that aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

5. Canned Soup

Nothing is quite so simple as soup; hearty veggies, lean meats, and noodles or rice suspended in a light broth. Unfortunately, many of the companies that produce canned soups overload them with sodium. All that sodium can leave you bloated, dehydrated, and high blood pressure.


The upside? You can skip out on all that sodium, while saving money, by making your own soups. If you need the convenience of the canned stuff, just stick to low sodium varieties.

4. Agave Syrup

Often praised as one of the better natural alternatives to refined sugar, agave syrup has a dark side that often goes overlooked. This sweet treat is packed with fructose, and if you eat too much of it, it can lead to insulin resistance. So, as with all sweeteners, use this one sparingly.

3. Diet Sodas

That word “diet” on the label doesn’t mean this bubbly beverage is going to be kind to your waistline. In fact, studies have shown that low-calorie sweeteners may lower your metabolism, meaning you’re more likely to gain weight from the calories you do eat.

2. Fruit Juice

Fruit is one of those magical, “healthy sugars” that most dieticians actually encourage us to eat. So, shouldn’t fruit juice be the same? After all, fruit juice labels often boast the incredible amount of fruit servings per glass. However, without the natural fiber of whole fruit, that fructose is going to be just as harmful to your body as regular sugar.


1. Granola Bars

Though they may seem like a handy, healthy snack, granola bars and protein bars are packed with sugars and carbohydrates. Read the label carefully, you may find that your “healthy” snack has as much sugar as a bar of chocolate!


While it’s great to know to avoid these five “healthy foods” that may not be so healthy, there are still other shady foods lurking in your grocery cart. The best thing to do is carefully read the labels of everything you purchase, especially highly processed foods.


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