By the year 2030, the senior population is estimated to reach 71.5 million. This increasing number has doubled the need for caregivers at home.  Most of the time, caregivers find themselves navigating unfamiliar territory, which is understandable. Providing excellent care to another person is not easy, even if the person you are caring for is someone you love. The latest novel coronavirus is the most recent challenge for family caregivers. However, there are simple practices that you can add to your daily routine and make yourself a better caregiver.

Tips for Caring for a Loved One During a Pandemic

Since the pandemic is very dangerous for seniors, good hygiene, isolation, and healthy hygiene is always recommended. Below are some other basic tips to keep in mind.

Frequently wash your hands

Frequent handwashing is one of the best ways to prevent yourself as well as your loved one from getting sick.  Make sure that you wash your hands with hot, soapy water frequently. There are five easy hand washing steps outlined by the CDC.

Use hand sanitizers

Did you know that good hand hygiene dramatically reduces health risks for seniors? When buying a hand sanitizer, make sure that it has between 60 to 95 percent alcohol. There are many times that you will be required to use a hand sanitizer, for instance, before touching surfaces that other people have touched. Additionally, when you use the hand sanitizer, make sure you use it the right way, read the instructions on the back of the bottle, and follow the proper method.

Screen all the visitors

Prevention is better than cure. During a pandemic, social distancing is always recommended. Instead of going out, use services like home brought meals, drive-through drugstores, and online shopping. Also, be careful about limiting the people who come to your home or come to visit your loved one. People who frequently go out might be carrying the virus but won’t be showing any signs. Allowing just anyone to enter your loved one’s home will be endangering the lives of your loved once.

Isolation does not mean inactivity

Senior isolation is never easy. It can be very confusing to have older able-bodied adults wanting to go out but cannot. You can help ease your loved one’s anxiety by keeping them busy.  For example, you can show them how to video chat with laptops and tablets with their friends and some of their relatives.


Bottomline: pandemics force family members into the caregiving role. Caregivers can be a lot of things. To be a caregiver, you need to have some qualities, like empathy, dedication, compassion, dependability, and best of all, patience.  This is the time to stay safe and make sure that everyone is healthy. Visit Medical Supply Depot today for high-quality products.



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