From pollen to mold spores, allergy season isn’t limited to one time of the year. If you’re like most Americans, allergies can hit you at any time of the year, which means endless sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes. Although medication can help, below are some simple tips that can help stave off the sniffles.

Tips on How to Cope With Pesky Allergies

Prevent growth of indoor mold

Mold thrives best in humid conditions. It hides in walls, in corners, and under carpets. To prevent the growth of mold, ensure that you watch the humidity levels in your home and keep the temperatures cool. You may also want to consider getting a dehumidifier or an air purifier designed specifically for mold.

Wear a mask

Although the thought of walking around with your mask on seems silly, it won’t be when your friends and family are sneezing and wheezing due to allergies. Some of the most common allergy triggers are weeds and grass. Others may include flower and tree pollen. If the seasonal changes affect you, the best solution is to stay at home when the levels of allergens are high outside. Alternatively, a filter mask can help you garden or take a trip to the market. The mask will filter away the pollen so that it doesn’t get through to your nose and mouth.

Get an over-the-counter medication

There are several types of nonprescription remedies that can help ease your allergy symptoms. This may include:

Decongestants: Oral decongestants will relieve your nasal stuffiness temporarily. There are also decongestants in the form of nasal sprays. However, long-term use of these sprays can worsen your allergy symptoms.

Oral antihistamines: According to Harvard Medical School, oral antihistamines can relieve itching, sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose.

Try saltwater

If you’re not a fan of taking allergy meds, or they make you feel tired and foggy, then you can try a saline nasal rinse. This will help you clear some of the allergens like pollen from the nasal membranes and minimize the allergy symptoms. On the other hand, gargling salt water will help soothe your scratchy or sore throat. Use the saline solution once or twice every day throughout the allergy season to ease allergy symptoms.

Bottom Line

For most people, staying indoors, wearing masks, preventing mold growth, and taking over-the-counter remedies can help ease the symptoms. Therefore, you don’t have to dread the seasonal allergies. With the right solution, you can manage your allergies and still enjoy the season. To get quality products to help you manage your allergy symptoms, visit Medical Supply Depot today!

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