Summer is a time for family vacations and road trips. While you may be excited about going on vacation, you may be worried about your overactive bladder. The thought of desperately searching for a bathroom in a new place may fill you with dread. But you don’t have to despair, traveling with incontinence is possible.

How to Travel with Incontinence

Visit your physician

Before you embark on your trip, it’s important that you seek medical advice. Your doctor will prescribe some medication like Detrol, Ditropan, or Vesicare that can help curb your overactive bladder. These bladder relaxant medications won’t cure your overactive bladder, but they will relieve the symptoms.

Plan the route

Whether you intend to travel by car or plane, ensure that you find bathrooms along the way. Map out rest stops that you are sure will have clean bathrooms that you can use. It’s also important to check out the airport before your trip and book an aisle seat. You could also use a bathroom app that can help you find a wheelchair-friendly restroom.

Keep in mind that holiday traffic can spring out of nowhere. Therefore, remember to check your GPS and determine how long you could be stuck in traffic and plan your bathroom breaks accordingly. When you reach your destination, find the restroom immediately after you arrive so that you won’t have to struggle to find one.

Maintain a moderate diet

Summer is the perfect time for you to indulge in festival treats, but you should do so in moderation. Avoid foods that contain a lot of refined sugar, because these can irritate your bladder. Additionally, avoid caffeine, spicy dishes, and alcohol. Instead, take healthy foods and beverages.

Nutritious and fibrous items like vegetables and fruits can help relieve pressure on your bowels and stop diarrhea. Also, it’s advisable to remain hydrated. While restricting yourself from fluid intake may seem like a good strategy to prevent accidents, dehydration can stress out your bladder, and it may cause UTIs.

Take up kegel exercises

You can avert urine leakages by strengthening your pelvic muscles by doing your kegel exercises. According to Griebling, Kegel exercises are suitable for both men and women. Start by tightly squeezing the urethral sphincter muscles to stop urine flow for 3 seconds and then relax them for another 3 seconds. Ensure that you do at least ten Kegels every day.

Get Incontinence Products

Before you can finally sit and enjoy the ride to your destination, remember to pack your incontinence products. Pack enough adult briefs, wipes, and creams. These products will help you face what once seemed terrifying. To get your incontinence products, visit Medical Supply Depot today!

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