While traveling with an ostomy may take some getting used to, it should by no means keep you from doing the things you enjoy or going to the places you love. There are many tricks to traveling smart and with an ease of body and mind. The following are a few considerations for travel—whether overseas or simply across town.

Air Travel

Before boarding a plan (or even taking a long drive), change your pouch, or drain if you use an irrigation system. Make sure to pack supplies in both your checked luggage and your carry-on in case of lost luggage or delays, and bring extra bags to dispose waste in.


It is common for gas to build up in your pouch during flights, so do not worry if this occurs. To help prevent this, stay away from things such as carbonation, spicy food, or chewing gum. If you do experience this, it helps to sit in an aisle seat for easy access to the bathroom. Most importantly, stay hydrated.


With the availability of disposable wipes and odor eliminators, it is now easier than ever to bring small, travel-friendly items that allow you to keep your flange and pouch clean. Especially with the above mention build-up of gas, it may be smart to bring along deodorant tablets or odor eliminator drops.


Heat and moisture can cause yeast growth, so take time to ensure you have supplies such as anti-fungal powder and a sealant. Finally, store your supplies in a cool place; if you are traveling by car, do not leave them in the open or in the back trunk.

Sports and other activities

You don’t have to miss out on your favorite vacation activities just because you have a stoma. If you plan to go swimming, small stoma caps can be easily hidden under bathing suits. Mini pouches and ostomy belts can make you feel secure during high-energy activities.


Additionally, stoma guards will add an extra layer of protection. When you are going out for long periods of time, you might want to consider using closed-end pouches. And wherever you go, always ask where the nearest bathroom is.


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