Our immune systems work hard every day to protect us against diseases and germs. However, those with compromised immune systems are vulnerable to germs and infections. Pathogens that the body would ordinarily deal with may cause serious illness in immunocompromised individuals. Such individuals may also exhibit severe symptoms for ailments that are mild to most healthy people. But if you have a loved one with a weak immune system, how should you interact with them without putting them at risk? Below are some simple and easy tips you can follow:

Limit Physical Contact

Face-to-face interactions with immunocompromised individuals expose them to germs and ailments such as flu. Physical contact is particularly discouraged when you are unwell. If you have, consider using hand sanitizers and a face mask to avoid spreading airborne diseases to your loved ones with weak immune systems.  When your loved one is sick, avoid all forms of physical contact unless you are wearing protective gear (a mask and gloves, for example). 

Practice Good Hygiene

Religiously follow the recommended hand washing practices. Use plenty of soap and running water to clean your hands after coming in contact with any potentially contaminated surfaces. Prepare food in a safe and clean environment. Keep pets and other animals away from your loved ones with a weak immune system, as some animals carry bacteria that might be harmless to most but potentially dangerous to the immune compromised. Avoid passing germs from an infected person to your immunocompromised loved one by properly sanitizing your hands.  

Keep Emergency Medications and Supplements Nearby

Germs lurk everywhere, from outside to around the house. Always keep on hand immune boosters and medicated wound care products such as gauze fluff rolls and transpore surgical tape. A wellness formula, with its antioxidant and vitamin combination, can help in boosting the immunity of immunocompromised individuals, allowing them to live relatively normally.

Plan in Advance

The key to interacting with your loved ones with weakened immunity is planning all activities in advance. Draw a list of fun activities, or even shopping and make preparations in advance. You can purchase necessary items to avoid hasty last-minute preparations.

While immunosuppression puts your loved ones at a higher risk of contracting illnesses, their condition should not discourage you from interacting with them. Always make proper arrangements to keep your environment germ-free through proper hygiene. Keep some medications for emergencies and visit Medical Supply Depot for all your required products.



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