A recent health study published by United Press International found that nearly 3 percent of Americans, or 9.6 million people,  live with a compromised immune system. Compromised immunity increases one’s risk of contracting serious diseases and infections, which can make everyday life feel uncertain. Psychological stressors can compound the risk of contracting an illness, as unmanaged stress is known to increase risk for a multitude of illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and even diabetes.

Staying Well and Avoiding Illness

Staying well and avoiding illness is paramount to a happy, productive and fulfilling life. There are many stress management techniques that the immunocompromised individual can apply to help avoid health complications compounded by a suppressed immune system. Proper diet and exercise are extremely important in maintaining overall health and happiness. It is especially important for immunocompromised individuals.

Being Active Can be Inexpensive and Easy

There are so many ways to stay active today, including in a time when we are socially distancing ourselves from others. Without leaving the home, we are still able to stay active with the help of at-home equipment and workout machines. Some equipment, like this exercise peddler, can provide a low-impact workout from the comfort of your home and is very affordable. It’s designed to stimulate circulation, which is important for heart health, and has adjustable tension that will also help tone leg and arm muscles. This overdoor exercise pulley and these Cando low-powder exercise bands provide similar benefits, and are both very affordable and easy to use at home.

Nutritional supplements can help those that are struggling to meet their daily recommended values, and those who are actively recovering from an illness. Whether you’re getting too little or too much of a specific macronutrient, nutritional supplements and shakes can help you to meet those values as well as manage diabetes. Some shakes contain as many as 27 vitamins and minerals.

Prioritize Other Types of Self-Care

Other types of self-care can contribute to a healthy and comfortable life for those with compromised immune systems. While exercise and proper nutrition are paramount, other forms of self-care are important, and can be gratifying, as well. A good massage, a relaxing shower, or a spa day can help relieve tension and stress tied to elevated risk of illness contraction. This hand-held shower massager can help you accomplish the goal of stress reduction and self-care. Other self-care activities might include going for a walk, listening to music, journaling, or participating in hobbies you enjoy, like painting or reading.

Immunocompromised individuals can have great success at avoiding illness and leading healthy and comfortable lives. Prioritize your physical and mental health, and manage stress, and your condition can be very manageable.

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