People who live with disabilities face some challenges when it comes to completing everyday tasks. Some people must rely on wheelchairs and other devices to get around.  If you don’t face these physical challenges yourself, it can be easy to forget about others that do.


Fortunately, there are many ways that you can make your home more user-friendly for those with disabilities. Read on to learn more.

Creating the ideal pathway

You can start by adding paths and raised beds to improve the accessibility of your yard. Wood chips, grass, mulch, soil, and gravel paths are too soft and unstable for wheelchairs. Instead, materials like concrete, asphalt, stepping stones, brick, or flagstone should be used.

Making your garden accessible

High raised beds will help individuals avoid having to stoop, and they should be narrow enough to allow an appropriate amount of access to the entire garden.


Remove items like potted plants that could obstruct pathways, and instead opt for hanging plants that won’t get in the way. Hanging baskets can also be on a pulley system or feature retractable hangers that raise or lower the basket, and can be displayed at different heights to minimize the amount of reaching required.


You should make sure that surfaces are firm and level to allow wheelchairs to easily pass. Avoid using square concrete steps surrounded by plants or gravel, which can make it more difficult to maneuver.

Other key features to improve accessibility

Another way to make your backyard more accessible for wheelchairs is to add a ramp. The entry area of the ramp should be protected against rain, wind, snow, or ice, which could create further safety issues.


For a fenced-in space, consider a sliding or pocket door, as opposed to a swinging door. These doors are much easier and convenient for everyone to use.


Benches should be placed along lengthier paths so that people can rest in the shade.

Wheelchair accessible outdoor furniture

There are many options for accessible patio furniture that are still aesthetically pleasing.  You can also create special areas that allow easy access for wheelchairs to be used in place of seating.


It’s our responsibility to ensure that our homes are accommodating and inviting for everyone.


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