Adding some weight during the holidays is pretty common, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. That said, you should enjoy yourself this holiday season; a healthy lifestyle is not necessarily one devoid of pleasure. In fact, depriving yourself will only make things worse because it will make you more exposed to temptations. Read on for some tips for managing weight worries!

Holiday Tips to Help You Shed Weight

Never skip breakfast

Some people may think skipping breakfast will spare them some calories. Whatever you do, though, don’t skip breakfast! If calories are a concern, try swapping out some high-fat, high-calorie options for more nutrient-dense ones.  For instance, instead of seasoning your breakfast with margarine, you can spread some ripe avocado on your bread. This will save you from 25 calories while on the other hand profiting from the good avocado fats.

Be careful when choosing liquid calories

Several studies have linked consumption of soda and other sugary beverages  to poor bone health, diabetes and tooth decay. This is due to the artificial sugars in the soda, which trigger insulin and may ultimately lead to weight gain. Replace your sodas with water, and you will shed some weight.

Trim your portions

Most of the rations served at home and eateries are usually more than required. You can utilize measuring cups to control your portion amounts. Get control of your portions by using small cups, dishes, and plates. This way, you won’t feel deprived since the food will look adequate on the serving dishes.

Include proteins in every snack or meal

Proteins are the groundwork of many weight-loss strategies. Thousands of the processes in your body that keep you healthy are controlled by proteins. Try consuming eggs as they are the best source of protein. They have all the needed amino acids, are rich in selenium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin A and choline which is a macronutrient responsible for supporting the energy levels, the liver functions, and a healthy metabolism.

Increase your exercise

Most people focus more on aerobic gears and group exercise class. However, weight training is significant to prevent muscle and bone loss that occurs with age. Engage in weight training and better weight management, and maintain joint elasticity to enhance your strength.

Get enough sleep

Depriving yourself of sleep only puts you at risk of gaining weight. Not having enough sleep leads to hormonal disturbance. The level of cortisol in your body increases and obstructs the ability of your body to break down fat. Additionally, studies have shown that sleeping for less than seven hours lowers the levels of leptin and encourages ghrelin, which are the two key hormones linked to hunger. Ghrelin rouses hunger and reduces metabolic rate while increasing your fat storage.

Check your weight regularly

Checking your weight at least once every week is the best way to maintain your weight. Check your weight the first thing in the morning after emptying your bladder.

Monitor Your Weight

This holiday season, make weight maintenance your policy and focus on abundance instead of deprivation. Do not stop once you meet your weight goals. To ensure that you’re achieving your goals, visit Medical Supply Depot today to purchase quality diagnostic products.



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