Winter brings with it cold weather, snowy days, and icy sidewalks. These conditions can be hazardous, especially for people with mobility problems. Because of so many potential risks, many people, especially seniors, prefer using mobility aids to stay active. But these tools can be challenging to use due to the cold weather and the slippery sidewalks.

With special preparations, especially for people with scooters, manuals, and power wheelchairs, you can get through winter without much difficulty. It is advisable to adjust your mobility aids for the slippery terrain as well as the cold weather.

Stay Safe During Winter

Clear the sidewalks

Clearing the sidewalks is essential. Most of the walking aids require cleared sidewalks to navigate safely.

Select a good pair of winter boots and keep warm

To get enough warmth and steadiness, your boots should be well-insulated, waterproof, light-weight, have a dense non-slip tread sole made of rubber, and have wide low heels. Invest in suitable grip driving gloves to keep your hands warm. Remember to carry an extra pair in case the other one gets wet.

Use a cane

When using a cane, we advise that you attach a retractable ice pick to the end. When on slippery surfaces, make sure to flip the cane back, as the pick is slippery on a hard surface. Make sure to walk close to railings so that you will have something to hold on to in case you slip. The rubber caps on walking sticks are made for a firm hold on the floor; nevertheless, ice and snow might destroy the tip. Make sure to replace the caps if worn out.

For those using crutches

You can also use special spikes for your crutches; however, to be safe, ask someone to walk you slowly on snowy days. Additionally, wear a pair of snow boots with good treads.

For people using wheelchairs

Using a wheelchair in the snow can be challenging. Take your time and be cautious, steering through the snow. Choose heavier wheelchairs and mobility scooters. They work well with snow up to six inches. Avoid snow higher than that since you can quickly get stuck.

When using a powered wheelchair or mobility scooter, make sure that the batteries are fully charged before leaving. Additionally, make sure you carry a cell phone to call for help in case of an emergency.

Storing your mobility devices

The cold temperature will primarily affect your devices as well as their batteries. Get inflated tires on your wheelchair or scooter for a stronger grip.

Choose the Right Mobility Aid for Winter                                                    

These simple but essential winter safety tips will help make your winter season stress-free. The key to enjoying the winter is being prepared. Don’t be shy to ask for help since most people will enjoy helping you and keeping you company. For the right mobility aid, visit Medical Supply Depot today!






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