Stroke can be a life-altering event. The good news is that you can make your loved one’s life easier and more comfortable by helping them adjust their lifestyle and living situation to keep them safe and healthy. You will likely need to make changes around the home to help your loved one move around with ease. With the help of Medical Supply Depot, you can create a safe and healthy home environment.

Physical Effects

Damage to muscles and the nerves that control them may result in stiffness, fatigue, and loss of coordination in the legs, arms, and hands. Some stroke survivors also experience spasticity, hemiparesis, or paralysis. But do not fear: routines that involve stretching, strengthening, and other movement exercises can improve mobility.


You should also consider investing in some equipment to make the home safer and more accessible. This includes walking aids such as canes or walkers. Take care that the bathroom—sometimes a dangerous environment—can be accessed without struggle. Bath mats and grab bars in the shower can reduce the risk of falling. Medical Supply Depot also provides a variety of handheld shower heads that are recommended for stroke survivors.


Another possible physical change is urinary or fecal incontinence. This is a loss of control of bladder or bowel movements. For this, you can purchase a commode, as well as monitor intake of food and drink.


Mental and Emotional Effects


Emotional issues that result from strokes can include depression, PTSD, the Pseudobulbar Affect, vascular dementia, and other minor memory loss. Remember to maintain open communication, have patience, and listen with care.


Aphasia, or the inability to comprehend what others are saying or to express one’s needs, is common in stroke survivors, especially during the first several months of recovery.  Develop signals or phrases that your loved one can understand. Practice word games or have them write lists and letters.


Better living


To prevent future strokes and help establish healthy living, help them maintain good blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is best they control alcohol consumption and stop smoking. Establish routines and encourage good diet and exercise. Help set goals and check-in on their progress. And although you are someone to depend on, you should encourage acts of independence. This will help survivors emotionally and physically continue their lives with ease and confidence.


For other supplies that you may need to help care for a stroke survivor, visit Medical Supply Depot at or contact them at tel:(800)965-7496.



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