The pandemic has many people working from home. If this is your first time adjusting to home office life, you might be feeling extra stress as you try to crowd all your work duties into spaces that you usually reserve for relaxing. This can make staying productive more difficult. Nevertheless, since the cleanliness of your office has a significant impact on your productivity, you need to make sure that it is clean and comfortable. Below is a guide to help you.

Tips for Making your Home Office Clean and Comfortable

Get organized

Lark of organization is often associated with distractions and uncleanness. Keeping your home office organized, especially your desk surface, can make a big difference in your productivity. Start by putting everything in the right place. Mount shelves and devote them to books, and use just one cabinet to keep your space paperless. It is not only the books and papers that can litter your home office, things like wires, chargers, and cables that are used to keep computers and other machines in operation can also make your space look disorganized. If possible, use an open desk and keep cables untied and short, also hide them as best as you can.

Clean your office space

Cleaning will be much easier after you have finished decluttering your home office. Start by cleaning the bookshelves. Remove all the books and dust them using a soft ordinary bristle paint brush. Next, clean the desk. Dust off any equipment you have not used in a while. Make sure that you are using an electrostatic dust mop cloth or even a moist microfiber cloth. You might even want to dust the whole desk, as well as your computer, keyboard, and other electronics.


Cleaning and disinfecting your desk can help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. To disinfect the telephone and its whole accessories, as well as your remote, use disinfectant wipes. If done appropriately, disinfecting will kill tiny bacteria so that they are no longer dangerous.  After disinfecting your desk, go for every surface of your home office with disinfectant wipes and sanitize. Wipes can come with or without bleach; some can be scented while others might not. Make frequent disinfecting a part of your office cleaning etiquette.

Your home office should be treated the right way: that is, as a place you do your job. Make sure that everything is clean. A clean home office increases your productivity and makes sure that you hit your goals. For cleaning equipment, visit Medical Supply Depot today!

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