The term “physical disability” applies to conditions that affect balance, mobility, and strength, but does not fully capture the impact these conditions can have. Navigating the world with a disability presents a variety of mental and emotional challenges. Is my job interview going to take place in a handicap-accessible office? Will I need to ask a stranger for help walking on uneven terrain? How will potential romantic partners react to my condition?


The stress brought on by living with a disability can cause severe depression and anxiety, but you don’t have to suffer in silence. Your doctor, lifestyle adjustments, and guidance from family can all help you manage your mental health. Let’s dive into a few tips and resources you can take advantage of.


No one should feel ashamed to turn to a therapist when dealing with mental health struggles. Although your therapist likely won’t know exactly what you are going through, he or she will be trained to offer support, advice, and medical diagnoses to individuals from all walks of life. If the cost or logistics of traveling to in-person therapy sessions present a concern, online therapy is an affordable and accessible solution.

Medical Supplies

The lack of dependable medical equipment can make depressive feelings even worse. Taking a trip to a public place without the walking aids or incontinence assistance you need is an understandably stressful situation. For constant peace of mind, make sure your home is stocked with the devices and aids that help to make day-to-day life easier.

Devise and Strategize

Depression is a serious medical condition that cannot simply be cured by just “keeping your chin up” or “getting over it.” However, certain strategies for managing the ramifications of your disability can have a positive impact on depressive feelings.


Keep in mind that friends, family, and even strangers are more than happy to assist you with whatever you need. Instead of feeling shame about asking for help or answering questions regarding your disability, take comfort in the fact that the people you meet are eager to help and curious to know more about your life experiences.


Even if they may not always find the perfect phrasing, individuals who want to know more about your disability are generally in search of ways to better understand and accommodate you.


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