The Medical Supply Depot offers tons of high-grade medical products to its customers and extra benefits through the Medical Supply Depot affiliate program. To learn more about the Medical Supply Depot affiliate program and how you can help, read on:

What’s a Medical Affiliate Program?

Before explaining Medical Supply Depot’s affiliate program, let’s first go over what an affiliate program is. In short, an affiliate program is a type of membership customers can apply for that allows them to earn money by recommending brand products. Affiliate programs are meant to help businesses market their products while also providing benefits to members who work with them.

How Affiliates Work

Affiliate programs provide commissions to members who advertise another company’s product or service. Amazon, for example, sells affiliate products through their site, and the original seller pays Amazon a portion of a product’s price as a commission whenever someone buys something.


Affiliate marketing programs are a cycle: first, users host advertisements or products for another company on their site. Then, when a user clicks the link to the parent site or buys a product from a sales site like Amazon, this information is recorded. Afterward, affiliate members get paid and credited for the web traffic or sale.

Community Benefits

Besides acting as a lucrative long-term investment for both parties, affiliate programs can also indirectly benefit customers. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to find specific medical supplies at a local store. Sometimes, these products are overpriced, and people may not know where to look for affordable or high-quality products or repair services. Since affiliate programs allow suppliers to advertise their products almost anywhere, not only can anyone with a computer promote products, but anyone with a computer can access them too.

MSD Affiliate Benefits

The Medical Supply Depot affiliate program offers members a portion of a purchased item as commission. Membership tiers determine the percentage gained from a sale:

  • First-tier members get 7.5% of a purchase. To reach the first tier, affiliates need to sell roughly $1-2,500 in products through their site.
  • Second-tier members get 8.5% of a purchase. Second-tier affiliates need to sell between $2,500 and $7,500 worth of products.
  • Third-tier members get 9.5% of a purchase. For the third tier, affiliates must sell at least $7,500 worth of products.

In addition, affiliates also enjoy extended transaction locks, extended web cookie life, access to the Medical Supply Depot’s datafeed, high-quality image sets, MSD customer service, and a higher conversion rate.

How to Apply

To apply for the Medical Supply Depot’s advertising affiliate program, you can sign up via Rakuten or ShareASale.

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