Taking medication can be difficult, especially for children. Whether they’re sick, have an ear infection, or need to take daily medicine, kids and medication don’t always mix well. It can also be stressful for the parents, especially if a child throws a fit every time they need to take medicine. So how can we help our kids take the medication they need? Here are a few tips:

Swallowing Pills

Teaching your child to swallow pills can be incredibly useful, especially if they take medication daily. Plus, some medications only come in pill form and may not even work when crushed, so swallowing a pill is the only option. Typically, the age children begin to learn how to swallow pills varies, and it may come easier for some children than others. Always be patient with your child. If they cannot take pills, don’t force it. You can always speak with their pediatrician about other alternatives.

How Can I Help?

You can help your child take medications mainly by supporting them. Pills are hard, especially for a child! If they are ready and willing to take medications in pill form, then make sure they do so in a distraction-free environment. Start with smaller, easy to digest objects first, like sprinkles or mini M&Ms. As they get comfortable with small foods, move onto bigger ones. Just be sure there are no sharp corners on the candies!

Remember to be supportive and patient of your child. Helping them through taking pills with rewards, giving them the choice of when they can take their medication, and reminding them why taking medication is important is crucial!

Medication Aids

If your child cannot take the medication in pill form, that’s okay! A lot of children’s medications can be crushed up and mixed with juice, chewable, or cut into smaller, easier to swallow pieces. Plus, many products can help children take their medication independently or without stress. For example, medication helpers like pill grinders can grind medication into an easy-to-mix powder. Pill separators are a safe way to cut medication into smaller pieces as well.

If you or your child have any questions regarding medication, be sure to speak with their pediatrician. To browse other products that can help relieve pain without drugs, or make taking meds easier, visit Medical Supply Depot.

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