The market for a better, more supportive pillow is massive, and rightfully so. To cope with the many back, neck, and shoulder problems that result from everyday living, it is important to have proper support while we rest. Here are some of the most common orthopedic pillows on the market, and how they can help you get a good night’s rest:

Body Positioners and Wedges

Body positioners are wedge-shaped pillows designed specifically for use in bed. These pillows help support various parts of the body while sleeping. Some pillows are designed for the full body and help keep the hips and shoulders properly aligned while sleeping. Other pillows are designed specifically for head and neck support. The versatility of the wedge shape allows users to choose how they want to lay. Some pillows are even useful for positioning the head while sitting!

Lumbar Support Pillows

The cylindrical (or half-cylindrical) lumbar support pillow is designed specifically to provide extra support for the user’s lower back. These pillows are designed to go underneath where the spine arches, and can be used while either sitting or laying down. The lower back support helps reduce tension around the spine and reduce back pain.

Knee Support Pillows

Designed specifically for side-sleepers, knee support pillows are built to go in between the legs. These pillows provide a cushion for each knee, which prevents them from rubbing together during sleep. Knee support pillows are ideal for side sleepers who are recovering from a knee injury, but they are also great for nightly use to prevent joint pain.

Butterfly Pillows

Similar to knee pillows, butterfly pillows are built for back sleepers. These pillows are designed to support the head, neck, and upper back while sleeping, and can help relieve pain and reduce stress to that area of the body. Unlike your standard pillow, butterfly pillows do not go directly underneath the head. Instead, they must be positioned directly underneath the neck for full support.

Travel Pillows

Although some may not see travel pillows as orthopedic, the familiar donut-shaped pillow exists for orthopedic purposes. Travel pillows are ideal for more than just travel because they offer head support for those who have to sit upright for long periods. While travel pillows are sold everywhere, it is best to find a pillow made of memory foam or another firm material for maximum support.


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